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New Product Development

Innovation Products

Ripon Select Foods aim to answer your enquiry with your first call. We have all your product development and sample requests at our fingertips; and can search our extensive ingredient data base for the most appropriate product for your needs. We appreciate short product development timescales and can despatch samples on the same day.

Line Trials

Need to make some line-produced product but:

At Ripon Select Foods we have a pilot plant equipped with a Stein MB3 Mini-Batter and Breading Line, an FA3 continuous Fryer and a blast freezer and chillier. This small-scale setup permits very rapid changeovers between different products and allows for recipe modifications to be made on the spot.

Product Matching

We can estimate the cost of your existing product and can even estimate the maximum possible cost of a product with a given ingredient declaration!

Product Optimisation

With so many possible permutations, achieving the correct combination of product components, balance of ingredients or processing conditions can be a daunting task. Ripon Select Foods can help you simplify your product trials and identify where your product optimum lies.

Technical Assistance

Our quality team continuously test and assess our ingredients and products to ensure that they pass our strict high quality policy. We can issue technical information for nutritional, intolerance and ingredient listing for all our products.


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